Charlie Hunnam is currently working on Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, a “gothic horror”, just outside Toronto. He celebrated his 34th birthday on set yesterday in costume. He was sweet and patient with fans who lingered on set to get autographs and take pictures. It was chill, no drama. Charlie was here for Pacific Rim with Del Toro too. I never really heard about where he’d hang out. It’s the same this time too.

Also in Crimson Peak and also in Toronto – Tom Hiddleston who was photographed after spending some time at the spa yesterday. I like this look on him except I think he should invest in a pair of sneakers.

Anyway, if you’re in Toronto I’m pretty sure your next question is going to be OMG WHERE CAN I FIND LOKI?!? The spa was in Yorkville. If you see him, tell him we’d love to have him on The Social.