It’s Friday. And normally on Fridays Guy Ritchie posts a photo of Charlie Hunnam on Instagram to make our weekend but he’s wrapped on Knights Of The Round Table so that probably won’t be happening so much anymore.

Happily though, Charlie delivered for us instead. He went to a hookah bar in London last night with some friends. Christ Jesus he is hot. I just can’t stop saying it – that he’s so hot sometimes I can’t breathe, that’s how hot. And with his hair like this, my favourite hair on him ever, all time, it’s almost suffocating and totally unfair. It’s unfair that he will never willingly touch me.

Charlie missed out on the Crimson Peak panel at Comic-Con. Apropos of nothing, I flew back to Toronto from LA on the same redeye as Guillermo Del Toro Wednesday night. No one knew who he was. Here’s a guy who directs big big movies, multi-million dollar movies (and didn’t he write some Hobbit movies?) and he walks around, totally unrecognised. Anyway, Charlie. Not at Comic-Con. Jessica Chastain talked about how people were telling her she’d fall in love with him on set. She didn’t but she did concede that he’s gorgeous and he bought her a lovely birthday present:

"He's so nice. He bought me this incredible thoughtful birthday present, this amazing artist and this book of photographs. He's just this normal down-to-earth [guy]. So cool."

Nope. That doesn’t help. Not at all.