As Sarah noted yesterday, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, is a huge flop, so far the biggest flop of the year, grossing under $15 million domestically on opening weekend and $29 million overseas on a budget of at least $175 million before marketing. They’re looking at a major loss. But is it a loss for Charlie Hunnam and his career?

Vulture cited three reasons behind the failure of King Arthur: IP is hot right now but it has to the right IP and clearly not enough people care about the Knights Of The Round Table; the movie itself was sh-t; and, well, Charlie couldn’t save it. That said, as the writer Kevin Lincoln points out, he’s not the only one. Many other actors couldn’t save their many respective flops. And Charlie actually has an advantage right now. The Lost City Of Z, which came out just a month before Arthur, was generally well-received, with many calling it the strongest performance of his career. Which is why Kevin Lincoln argues that even though Arthur is a straight up bomb, the problem here is that Hollywood just hasn’t figured out what to do with Charlie yet. Does part of that, the not figuring out, have to do with Jax Teller?

I read a wonderful piece by Shea Serrano at The Ringer the other day about his affection for Charlie Hunnam. It’s funny, because Shea is a major stan. But it’s also really sweet. Because he’s not stanning here as a dude-bro. This is sensitive, vulnerable fan appreciation by a straight man for another straight man that’s mostly based on a fictional character who’s arguably a pure dude-bro. And somehow, Shea’s written a piece that’s the exact opposite of toxic masculinity. The opposite, you could say, of Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur. And it makes Charlie look GREAT. If they’re trying to figure out what to do with Charlie Hunnam, reading that article would be a good start.

Attached - Charlie promoting King Arthur in Brazil.