These two are a mind f-ck. A MIND F-CK.

Would you have predicted, yesterday, before the event, that it would be Charlize Theron and Sean Penn arrivng at the MET Gala wearing the purest interpretation of the dress code?!?!? She’s in Dior, predictably, and it’s lovely, naturally, but Sean…

Sean Penn wore white tie. Not David Beckham. Not Jake Gyllenhaal. Not Jay Z. But Sean Sean.

And they whispered to each other. And they shared private jokes. And giggled. And SMILED. Two crusty bitches, the two crustiest bitches in Hollywood, SMILING. And holding hands. And it was loving. And they were having fun.


Having fun?

They are messing with our sh-t, I’m telling you, they keep messing with our sh-t.