These two.

Charlize Theron showed up to the premiere of A Million Ways To Die In The West hand in hand with her boyfriend Sean Penn last night. Her boyfriend Sean Penn. Hand in hand. Smiling at each other. And he’s SMILING at her. And the cameras too. And looking up at her adoringly. And no one got hurt. Not even Seth MacFarlane who was hugging Charlize at one point and, if you recall, they were rumoured to have been hooking up last year.

Also, out of respect for his partner, Sean even dressed up for the occasion. I say this because sometimes he doesn’t bother to dress up for his own occasions. Gangster Squad premiere last year, I was there. This is what he wore:

But if Charlize is in Dior, she can’t be running around in cowboy boots and dirty clothes.

Who is this man?