Kathleen came into my office earlier because she’s producing an upcoming segment and she wanted my spring movie pick. My immediate answer was Atomic Blonde. But she said I had to save that for my summer movie pick as it doesn’t come out until July 28th. Fine. But I get dibs.

A new trailer for Atomic Blonde was just released today. The red band trailer came out a few weeks ago. And the film already screened at SWSX to medium reviews. I believe some people think it “values style over substance” which, as I’ve already asked, the style IS the substance here…and who the F-CK is going to see this movie for the goddamn story!? I will remind myself of this question in a minute.

First, let’s talk about this preview. Charlize is in Fast 8 which is opening this weekend (and it’s actually getting pretty good reviews). The Fast Furious franchise is a Universal Studios property. And so is Atomic Blonde. So they’re making sure that when audiences are paying attention to Charlize this weekend, they’ll also be looking ahead to her next release. If you love her in this movie, wait ‘til you see her go atomic. And stab a dude with her stiletto.

Yeah? You like me in these high heels? You like leering at my legs, you f-cking perv? Putting me in your sick fantasy while you rub one out into your hand? Here. Here’s my high heel, right in your filthy eye.

I thought, maybe, I was overreacting to that part, and perceiving it as an attack on misogyny, but the next line from James McAvoy almost underscores it. “Don’t shoot me, I have your shoe.” She just beat the sh-t out of three guys in a Porsche, WITH HER SHOE, causing the car to flip over – and he’s pleading for mercy…WITH HER SHOE. Subversive? Or am I reaching?

Anyway, the shoe, the black booties with the silver chains, the coats, even the glasses – Charlize’s style in this film, does it make you think late 80s? I just figured out that this movie is supposed to take place right before the fall of the Berlin Wall… but I’m not sure the fashion reflects that. This is where I go back to that question I asked at the beginning of this post. Who the F-CK is going to see this movie for the goddamn story? Let the fashion be anachronistic. I don’t give a sh-t what she’s wearing when she’s killing people.


Here is Charlize out in LA yesterday.