Simon Cowell thinks she’s about to become a big hit. Now that her contract’s all ironed out, she’s officially joined US X Factor in America, showing up full pop at the auditions in LA.

I can’t decide if this is really stupid or actually really smart. What she’s wearing, I mean.

The hair is super Country Music. The pants don’t fit right. She looks like cheap, tacky hell. As though styled by Jessica Simpson. In order to appear more…relatable? Throwing down too much fashion would perhaps alienate the Audience. This lady for example, below, I’m thinking she’d much prefer Cheryl’s purple pants combination over the sartorial selections of, say, Charlotte Gainsbourg, right?

I don’t watch American Idol anymore, even to see JLo’s amazingness, because that low singing country kid brings out a rage in me that is dangerous. That kind of rage is dangerous. I could harm someone. And, frankly, Idol isn’t made for me. Idol is made for the people who keep voting for him. And, if this was indeed a savvy move, are those the people Cheryl is, presumably, dressing for?

Also, Paula Abdul is apparently a done deal too.

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