It’s so exciting to be at the very start of a new year, full of possibility, opportunity, fresh starts, etc. Still …isn’t it comforting to know that, while time may pass, Chloe Sevigny remains unchanged? That she’ll continue to prowl the streets of New York dressed like a human slipper/sock? That she’ll still appear completely miserable as she skulks out of luxury boutiques in Soho, even while draped in the pelts of the cast of Monsters, Inc.?

Is it possible Chloe is pranking us at this point? That she’s settled on becoming a living parody of herself? Maybe she’s just as into her drag Youtube doppelganger, Drew Droege, (video below if you haven’t seen these) as we are and wants to give him some easy ammunition.

We can’t say for sure what motivates Chloe to be Chloe but as a new resident of New York myself, I think I may have some fresh insight into why the Big Apple’s so-called “best dressed” always look so crazy to the rest of the world (or to me anyway).

When I think of Hollywood, this is what I picture: giant fake lips, offensively expensive cars, and the giant mansions associated with L.A. “house culture”. While NYers famously like to think of themselves as more sophisticated than their west coast counterparts, what I didn’t realize until living here is they’re still suckers for this kind of crazy excess, they just find seemingly more refined ways to indulge.

So, if Hollywood is Ashley Tisdale at the Chateau Marmont, NY is Leelee Sobieski’s fancy archery club inside an exclusive Manhattan furniture showroom (this is real). If Hollywood is Hilary Duff marrying Mike Comrie, NY is Mary Kate Olsen f-cking Olivier Sarkozy. If Hollywood is Lindsay Lohan’s unnecessarily massacring her beautiful face with surgery, NY is Chloe Sevigny dressed up like an olive coloured sheep dog before noon. Maybe all of this was obvious to you, but for a not-very-stylish Canadian who’s experiencing this all for the first time, it’s a really weird thing to see with my own eyes!