Chris Evans showed up at the opening of the New Balance Experience store last night in New York. Chris’s Captain America was very well received, both critically and commercially. This is a good time. He’s getting invited to a lot of good parties. He’s probably getting invited to everything. So how does one choose what to go to and what to skip?

Chris isn’t really a party whore. You don’t see him blowing kisses on every carpet. Hardly. When you do see him, it’s because it’s work. He’s promoting something, he’s required to be there. I’m not sure if he’s a spokesperson for New Balance. I just quick googled “Chris Evans spokesperson New Balance” and nothing came up on the first 8 links. I’m going to make an assumption then that he is not. That he was there as just a guest. So there’s Chris Evans going through the mail, picking through all the envelopes, and the New Balance party was the one he decided to go to.

Maybe there wasn’t really anything else going on last night and he was bored sitting around in his room. Maybe he wanted to go meet some girls. Maybe his best friend works for New Balance. Maybe he was hungry and wanted some free food - this is often my reason for going to a party but he’s rich so I’m not sure why that would be a concern for him. Maybe he wanted some new kicks. There are many possibilities. And it may be the simplest answer ever. But for some reason I really want to know. About this kind of decision making. Is this interesting to you, or is it just me?

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