It’s one of the most famous images from comic book history: Captain America punching Hitler in the face. It’s the cover of Captain America No. 1, and a moment that got referenced in Captain America: The First Avenger. Punching Nazis is what Captain America does. So people got really excited yesterday when Chris Evans, Cap himself, got into it on Twitter with David Duke, former grand wizard of the KKK. (Their titles are so f*cking dumb, they tried to change that sh*t to “National Director” but never ever forget that the KKK was and is a bunch of f*cking losers in sheets who call themselves stupid f*cking names like “grand wizard”, a title so lame not even actual wizards would use it.)

It started when Evans correctly pointed out that agreeing with David Duke—a certified-fresh Worst Person—puts you on the wrong side of decent.

Duke—whose own party called him a “hate-filled fraud”—then tried to clap back. As could be expected of an addlepated ninnyhammer, it was weak and ineffective.

Evans’ comeback was just to point out that Duke has said a bunch of stupid f*cking sh*t in his life, which is the best way to deal with hateful fools, really. Hoist ’em on their own petard.

It’s not quite the level of hero-of-the-resistance-punching-literal-Nazi-in-the-face, but in these times, you take what you can get, and the guy behind Captain America slapping down a mental gnat like David Duke still feels pretty good. It was one thing when Duke and his ilk—who are grown-ass men who dress up in robes and speak in a secret code because they are in no way trying to make up for being picked last for kickball—were pushed to the fringes where we could all politely ignore them until they die off, but now they’re in the f*cking mainstream and NO. They do NOT get to stay here. Push back, clap back, slap down, and shut down these losers wherever you encounter them. What would Captain America do? RESIST.

PS: I would be surprised if Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson happened at this point. She seems to be over her leading-man phase. And ScarJo is as famous as Evans, and more successful—she has box office AND prestige—and Evans hasn’t historically gone for women on a comparable professional level. (Even Jenny Slate, who has more artistic credibility, isn’t nearly as famous.) I would not be surprised, though, if ScarJo’s next is a famous director.