I received an email today from a longtime reader called Tenika who had this question:

Scarlett is single now and so is Evans....... What do we think?

They certainly had great chemistry in Winter Soldier. And she’s never been single since they started working together as Avengers. So...?

I mean, I’m into it because it would for sure bug Jeremy Renner’s ass but at the same time I don’t think I’m into it because it would also bug Jenny Slate’s ass. And I don’t want Jenny Slate to be unhappy. Sarah wrote yesterday about their “busy schedules” as a reason for Jenny and Chris breaking up and called out the fact that “busy schedules” didn’t seem to be an issue when she was the one with a busy schedule. Then there’s this email that came in earlier this week from a reader called K:

A dear friend and I have been wondering when we might see speculation about Jenny Slate and Chris Evans possibly having broken up. The reason for our wondering is that we attended Jenny's comedy show "Big Terrific" in LA over the weekend of January 13th and, much to our sadness, Jenny did not perform any stand up since she'd had, in her words, a "real sh-t-kicker of a week." She was visibly not herself throughout the evening and ended up reading selections from her self-published book that she wrote with her father (which was quite good) in lieu of comedy. She got particularly emotional, we noticed, when reading a section about her love life as imagined when she's an older woman looking back on her life. She actually began to cry when reading a section about being taken for granted and having "put all her eggs in one basket." It was pretty heart wrenching, but we were also quick to imagine how it would feel for someone who had recently divorced and started another relationship rather, ahem, quickly, only for the second relationship to also end.

Anyway, all this to say, we took the evening's events to mean that she and Chris Evans had broken up. Please add our experience to your growing pile of circumstantial evidence!

Is it a disservice to the awesomeness of Jenny Slate to assume that she’d have a hard time with it if Chris Evans moved on from her to Scarjo? I think, yes, it might be a little insulting. I do not want to insult her. So am I projecting when I say that I’d be pretty gutted if the guy I was dating went from me to Scarjo? Probably. But I can’t lie and say that it wouldn’t be a f-cking reaction. The pettiest asshole part of me would not be able to handle that my ex’s next is Scarlett Johansson. I’m sure Jenny is better than this, better than me.

Here’s Scarjo last night at the amfAR gala in New York looking incredible in a perfectly tailored black tuxedo with silver lapels.