Lainey used to give me sh*t all the time for liking Chris Evans, but over the last few years, he wore down my affection a bit. After taking a break, though, I’m coming back around to him. It helps that he’s not talking about rainbows and rivers in the press anymore. Instead his interviews over the last year have been self-deprecating and unpretentious, the things I liked about him to begin with.

Speaking of his interviews, Collider re-posted an interview with Evans from TIFF 2012, when he was promoting The Iceman—his part is small but he is nearly unrecognizable and stands up surprisingly well against Michael Shannon—and it’s vintage Evans as he calls himself a “whiny b*tch” and has no problem mocking his early work. But the part that really sticks out is when he talks about Marvel and their contracts, especially when he references how the cameo appearances characters make, like Mark Ruffalo in Iron Man 3, had already messed up a contract situation—undoubtedly a reference to Robert Downey, Jr.

Earlier this week Deadline ran a thorough and interesting story about the contract negotiations for Avengers 2 and the brewing fight over cast salaries since The Avengers was such a monster hit. I called this just a couple weeks after The Avengers came out last summer, when it was made public that RDJ got $50 million—at minimum—off the backend of that movie. I said at the time that the huge disparity between RDJ’s take and everyone else’s might be a problem for Marvel as the other cast members look to leverage more generous deals like RDJ’s. Click here to revisit that post from May 2012.

While RDJ has become the “big brother” of the cast, in that TIFF interview, Evans frames it as an issue of everyone pitching in to do their part in getting these movies made. It’s not chastising at all, but there’s an undercurrent of, “Don’t be the dick who wrecks it over money.” And the Deadline piece implies that Evans has closed his deal, tying it up with his Captain America 2 contract, so that might not have been an empty sentiment on his part. It’s interesting that the cast isn’t bargaining collectively, though. I thought they would, especially as several of them are represented by CAA, which creates a natural bargaining stronghold, but the implication that Evans’ deal is already done and that the others are waiting to follow RDJ’s lead says otherwise.

I do think Marvel will get a deal done with RDJ, and it will be lucrative. It won’t be “Johnny Depp/Disney/private island” money—I don’t see Marvel completely tossing their frugality out the window—but it will be a considerable chunk of change. And Evans will be back simply because he seems determined to not be a problem. In fact, I think they’ll all be back, even the largely disposable Jeremy Renner, simply because Marvel won’t be introducing new heroes in a significant way before 2015 (the Guardians of the Galaxy don’t count—that’s a parallel franchise). Avengers 2, though, will expand the roster enough that by the time we have this conversation for the third installment—well that might be an entirely new team.

Click here to read or watch the full Chris Evans interview with Collider.

(Lainey: Photos of Chris Evans on The Tonight Show are attached. His hair is very dark. But last week it was blonde -- click here to see. Are they painting it on set or something?!? )