In November 2014, Chris Hemsworth was named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. So 2015 was supposed to be a big year for him. With the exception of being on the Avengers: Age Of Ultron team though, professionally, it didn’t meet the expectations. He started 2015 with Blackhat. It bombed. He closed 2015 with In The Heart Of The Sea. As you know, it bombed.

Deadline recently analysed why In The Heart Of The Sea was so sh-t. One of the reasons is because only old men wanted to see the movie. And another reason is because it was an old-fashioned movie. And also because, well, in Deadline’s words:

“Hemsworth is still a stranger to many in the flyover states.”

I noted this when I wrote that Hemsworth was an unsuitable choice for Sexiest Man Alive. The SMA has be widely recognised. A LOT of people don’t know who Chris Hemsworth it – even after being named the Sexiest Man Alive!

As a result of 2015 and the poor performances of the films he was supposed to carry, Deadline reports that Chris’s asking price per film has now dropped:

“The actor’s payday per project moves from $8M-$12M to the $6M-$8M range after ITHOTS.”

I mean, we don’t have to be feeling sorry for him or anything that he’s *only* making $6-8 million now but in his business, that’s not a good look. To be entering those big time prime earning years – he’s 32 now – and people are talking about how you might not be worth it? Chris Hemsworth needs a 2016 reset too.

Here he is on the beach in Australia last week with his wife and kids. I thought you might enjoy these shots, although his body proportion really doesn’t do it for me. Specifically the distance between the top of his head and his shoulders. And maybe his legs?