Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard are still together and, together, they were at Kate Hudson and Jennifer Meyer’s joint birthday party. At some point they ran into Chris Martin. As you know from the previous post, Chris Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend Brad Falchuk attended too. Past and present love connections all-around, ahem. But this is just so Hollywood, isn’t it? Where can you go if you haven’t f-cked everyone at the party?

Chris, as you know, was last reported to be dating Annabelle Wallis. She was with him a few weeks ago when Coldplay kicked off its tour in Buenos Aires. No mention of her at Kate’s, although she and Chris were papped at the beach – click here to see. So G can bring her new but he can’t bring his new… and is there a line in the sand in this circle because this crew was originally G’s?