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Kirsten Dunst is a businessman

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 16, 2019 16:20:38 July 16, 2019 16:20:38
YouTube/ Showtime

So this is what happened to Peggy Blumquist: she finally got out of Fargo only to crash land in Florida in the 90s. Kirsten Dunst returns to television, following her stellar performance in Fargo season two, with a new series on Showtime, On Becoming a God in Central Florida. That is quite a title—a little odd, a little esoteric, a little grandiose. Full Story

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Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in Long Shot

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 3, 2019 14:36:32 May 3, 2019 14:36:32
Gotham/ Jackson Lee/ Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

The movie that took Seth Rogen from ensemble player in Judd Apatow projects to leading man (in Judd Apatow projects) is Knocked Up. Knocked Up is also a movie that has not aged particularly well, in the way it portrays ambitious, career-oriented women. Long Shot, a romantic comedy produced by Rogen, feels like an update of Knocked Up, one determined to get right everything Knocked Up got wrong. Full Story

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Alexander’s turtleneck

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 7, 2018 21:56:28 November 7, 2018 21:56:28
Splash News

Alexander Skarsgard is currently promoting The Little Drummer Girl. The series premiered on the BBC a couple of weeks ago and will begin airing later this month on AMC. It’s based on John le Carré’s novel and is acclaimed director Park Chan-wook’s television debut which is why it’s so highly anticipated – the trailer looks great and the reviews out of the UK have been solid. Full Story

Alex & Alexa back together

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 9, 2018 16:40:22 March 9, 2018 16:40:22

Alexander Skarsgard has had a pretty good year. He played Perry in Big Little Lies. Like Nicole Kidman, he swept the Emmys, Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, and the SAGS, winning Best Supporting Actor, the greatest acclaim he’s ever had in his career. It should be noted that he did this on a female-led series. Full Story

Alexander Skarsgard: What’s next?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 29, 2017 17:31:55 November 29, 2017 17:31:55
Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

Earlier this year, Alexander Skarsgard won an Emmy for Big Little Lies. Now, he is graduating from a supporting role to leading, as he has signed on to star in The Little Drummer Girl, the next John le Carré adaptation from the team that made The Night Manager. That miniseries, you’ll recall with appropriate cringe Full Story

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Alex’s courage

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 27, 2017 19:55:32 October 27, 2017 19:55:32
Wenn, Daniel Zuchnik/ Nicholas Hunt/ Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

You’ve seen the headlines right? “Man’s greatest fear: going bald!” This is true life at my house. Jacek’s hair looks the same to me and he’s generally a pretty chill guy. But I can see him stressing about it, pointing to the corners, all angsty about his hair. And on the vain scale, this is a person who ranks pretty low. Full Story

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