I mean...

I don't think there's anyone better in a suit. No one. And you can't accuse me of age-ism either because he's not 24, which is how old I normally perv them but then again, at 24, it's never done this well.

Colin Firth has been in New York promoting The Railway Man. Here he is outside of his hotel yesterday. He was the first image I clicked on this morning, with only 3 hours of sleep after driving from Edmonton to Calgary late last night, getting up to pre-write the blog so as to accommodate the media schedule on the western Canada leg of my book tour.

It was hard not to hate the world when the alarm went off. And then just like that, Colin Firth in a black suit made it all go away. God he is just so beautiful. The kind of beautiful that makes you just sit there and stare, while twirling your hair, rhyming words by accident.