The Hollywood Reporter just posted a new interview with Wes Bentley in which he, once again, discusses his addiction and eventual comeback. RDJ had to do this for a while when he finally got clean and it’s been the same for Bentley. Like RDJ, he wears it graciously, taking full ownership and accountability for what happened. If you go back and read RDJ’s comments post-rehab and prison, even with Oprah, his message was clear:

I had a problem. I f-cked up. I was to blame. And I went for help.

Will Lindsay Lohan do the same when she sits down with Oprah for her first television appearance later this month?

It’s been a solid couple of years for Wes Bentley. After The Hunger Games, he shot a movie with Terrence Malick. Ryan Murphy cast him in his new television pilot called Open. And now Christopher Nolan has offered him a supporting role in Interstellar, just beginning production in Calgary, with Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Matthew McConaughey.


There are online rumours that Bentley’s being considered for the Bruce Wayne Batman role in the follow-up to Man Of Steel which will feature both Superman and Batman. I don’t know where these rumours originated; there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate source for it, but if true, he would be an excellent choice as a successor to Christian Bale and, again, Bentley would be on a similar trajectory to RDJ’s.

And if true, will the loser in this be Henry Cavill? You know what I said about how Christian Bale made Bradley Cooper look like an amateur yesterday in the trailer for American Hustle? Click here for a refresher. It’d be a similar situation between Bentley and Cavill. For starters, that’s an unfair advantage in their characters – the enigmatic, complicated Bruce Wayne in comparison to the earnest predictability of Clark Kent – to say nothing of the talent. Or maybe it’ll work out exactly the way it’s intended to, resulting in an epic confrontation and eventual partnership between the world’s two greatest superheroes.

Wes Bentley for Batman. You dig it?