Will you join me in some humour at the end of a long day, courtesy the CumHards? Because it’s after 5pm and I still have an interview to do for etalk, two hours to go, and I needed this, I really needed it. And crazy stupid fans are always, always good for some joy.

A reader called Juliet just sent over an article about Benedict Cumberbatch’s CumHards and their conspiracy theories and how they tried to get the writer fired. For serious. You know how TwiHards believe that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are not only still together but secretly married and parents to two children? Click here for a refresher. Well, CumHards have their own theories too.

Basically they don’t believe he’s really married and that he and his wife Sophie Hunter carry around a doll, pretending it’s their son because…

Who cares?

Who the f-ck cares?

The Why of it all doesn’t matter. They’re amazing. They are really, really, REALLY amazing. Click here to be amazed.

Attached – Benedict and Sophie from a few weeks ago from his CBE investiture..