David Beckham is currently at a hospital in Paris where he’s undergoing physical evaluation, a formality before the announcement -- Becks will play for Paris Saint-Germain, back in Europe to end his career. A press conference will follow shortly. And, as you would expect, already the British are sh-tting on the move as a purely commercial endeavour, for both the club and Becks. PSG gets the obvious attention that comes with the Beckham Brand and the Beckhams get a final, massive paycheque from the Qatari-owned team that basically has no budget limit. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani wants a title, and he also wants a spot in the Champions League, and he is throwing money at whoever he thinks will get him there.

And what about the family?

It’s a lot closer than Los Angeles. Just an hour, super quick, to go back and forth. Some are speculating then that Victoria and the kids will stay in London and not move to Paris. I dunno. To me this sounds crazy. Why wouldn’t Victoria want to move to Paris? As a “designer”, you know she’d be all over it. As a mother too, well, wouldn’t that be a great experience for the children, or am I full of sh-t since I don’t have any? Besides, remember what happened when David was left alone for too long in Spain? Rebecca Loos made a career out of that for many, many years.