Demi Lovato is really good at inserting herself into celebrity social media drama. Correction: Demi Lovato is really good at creating social media drama. Bless her heart.

Late Thursday night, when Mariah Carey was probably pouring herself a bubble bath of champagne and butterflies and when Jennifer Lopez was going to sleep in her cryogenic chamber full of Brazilian baby goat's milk or whatever, Demi was reminding the world of one of the most classic celebrity beefs of all time: Jennifer Lopez vs Mariah Carey. Just kidding. Mariah doesn't pour her own bubble baths.

Here's how it went down. A meme was going around Instagram that compared a photo of Mariah Carey to Ariana Grande with the caption, “When you order it online vs. when it arrives.


*taps #DemiLavato on the shoulder* what's Tea πŸ‘€

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Basically, it implies that Ariana Grande is the budget version of Mariah. This is not wrong. I would go so far as to say that this is a fact. Anyway, Demi decided this meme was so offensive she commented on a fan's post of the meme with "you got it the wrong way around honey."


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I won't even address the idea that Mariah is the budget Ariana because that is laughable. Seriously, the 90s is laughing. Tell me with a straight face that Problems holds up to Dreamlover or Heartbreaker or any of Mariah’s classics. I dare you.

I digress. When a fan calls out Demi for her blasphemy, Demi wrote, “Mariah is a legend and is so talented but consistently disses people… It's nasty the way she treats Jennifer.”

We all remember the classic interview where Mariah said, “I don’t know her” when she was asked about Jennifer Lopez, right? It’s one of the most important clips in gossip history so let’s revisit:

They have each been asked about this multiple times since. Mariah has continued to stay true to the Mariah we know and love and swears she still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez.

Oh, Demi isn’t done. Here’s her final word on the feud no one asked her to comment on.

"Jen keeps it classy but I'm not afraid to say s**t. [Mariah] is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely."

Of course Mariah is a mean girl. She would take that as a compliment. Regina George is her favourite movie character of all time. Also, I love how Demi is calling Jennifer Lopez, “Jen” like they are old girlfriends from the block.

So here’s where I should probably tell Demi Lovato to delete her account. She has unnecessarily feuded with Pink, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift on social media. She always seems to be starting sh-t but …I’m not mad at it. It’s like Demi forgets she’s a celebrity when she picks up her phone. My friend and digital correspondent for The Social, Jess Allen, once said, “there are two types of people in the world: those who comment online and those who don’t.” Demi Lovato is the girl who comments. Always. She’s can’t just leave it alone. Even though Mariah Carey definitely doesn’t know her and Jennifer Lopez probably wishes she would stop hanging outside her bedroom window with a sign that says “Demi + Jen = BFFs 4 Life,” she still has to comment. She’s that girl. I’m all about Demi Lovato’s random social media takedowns if she just continues to bring up celeb beefs from 15 years ago. Can Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears be next? Or Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell? Be right back, I’ve got some memes to make.

Attached - Demi performing on Good Morning America on Friday.