Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato were both dressed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino at the MET Gala. Neither outfit, frankly, was impressive. Anyway, after the event, Nicki posted a shot of the 3 of them together on Instagram. She tagged Jeremy. She tagged Moschino. But she didn’t tag Demi:


😘 @itsjeremyscott @moschino

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And this, in the age of Instagram, is like inviting everyone but one in your class to your birthday party. So Demi called Nicki out on it on Snapchat. Because where else?

She followed up with this post back on Instagram:

So it’s a joke. But not really. Because Nicki shaded her by not tagging her and by side-eying her? I don’t actually know.

But this is why Sasha thinks social media is the death of humanity. We actually talked about social media drama on our podcast this week – click here if you haven’t heard it yet. A woman was getting pressured by her friend to like all her posts and she wanted to know if she should be offended that her friend was trying to dominate her Twitter. This is a real thing in modern friendships. I know a young man who tells everyone in the office to like his Instagram posts and if he doesn’t get 100 of them he deletes the picture, to say nothing of the constant bullsh-t that goes on on Facebook. Which is why I’m not on Facebook. Also, Facebook is for your great-aunt.

Anyway Demi Lovato has declared that she’ll never go back to the MET Gala. Nicki Minaj, at post time, has declared nothing which is, in social media terms, its own form of tea served. And in the end, what have we learned?

Celebrities are always insisting that the internet makes a bigger deal of situations that are no deal at all. That “people” are always trying to read into too much and causing problems when there are no problems. And now Demi Lovato just confirmed for us that we SHOULD in fact be reading in to who likes and doesn’t like and who tags and doesn’t tag. That it DOES mean something. That they DO pay attention to that sh-t. F-ck, of course they do. OF COURSE THEY DO. That’s ALL they do.


Also attached - Demi at an AOL event on Tuesday.