Demi Moore stepped out last night to support Soleil Moon Frye in LA last night. How many of you right now are like, what’s a Punky and who’s Soleil? Too many I fear. The two have been friends for a long time. They’re so close that Demi was apparently Soleil’s birthing coach?

Demi has been much more visible lately as Rumer Willis is finally getting her moment. But in a totally non Dina Lohan-Kris Jenner way. Not even I can be cynical about how positively she and her daughters have come together again. You’ll recall, Demi went dark after Ashton Kutcher busted out of their marriage, straining her relationship with her children. Not that it’s any of my f-cking business but I’m happy for her. I’m happy for her that she’s been working on repairing that. And, hopefully, herself. I am also happy that for Demi, it’s long hair, don’t care, forever. I’ll say it again - there are people who cling to this idea that once you’re of a certain age it should be shorter. That’s just dumb.