Many of you have been asking for a post on Dev Patel. More posts on Dev Patel. It’s been a great week for Dev so far. On Monday he was at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon as a proper nominee for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Lion. And this weekend he’s at home in London for the BAFTAs.

This is one of the most competitive award seasons in years. We have races in several categories. Mahershala Ali is, right now, the favourite in the Best Supporting Actor category but according to Gold Derby this is often where there are surprises. The BAFTAs didn’t seem to be that hot on Moonlight. Its director, Barry Jenkins, was snubbed for a Best Director nomination. Lion, in general, was better received by BAFTA than Moonlight. Which, in theory, could mean that Dev has a stronger shot at Supporting Actor BAFTA than Mahershala Ali.

Oscar voting begins on Monday, the day after the BAFTAs. If Dev wins at the BAFTAs, it could give him a boost with Oscar voters, reducing the size of Mahershala’s lead. Then there’s also Michael Shannon. Mahershala won the SAG but Michael Shannon wasn’t nominated for a SAG. Actors love Michael Shannon. Could Michael Shannon be the Mark Rylance of 2017? And would that be ironic, considering he mentioned campaigning all last year for Oscar and ended up with no nomination while Mark Rylance didn’t bother to campaign at all and still won?

Back to Dev, here are some shots of him at the Nominees Luncheon. Unfortunately he had to stand next to Mel Gibson.