The New York Daily News reports that on Friday night, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus were all over each other in New York. Apparently they showed up at a bar and after sitting down in the back room, she straddled him and they started rubbing on each other and kissing, didn’t care if anyone saw. As you know, Diane has been with Joshua Jackson since 2006. And all three of them were in a film together called Sky that screened at TIFF earlier this year.

Right now, Joshua is currently travelling around the world, documenting his trip on social media. Ostensibly, Diane is not with him, not if she’s humping Norman all over NYC. You think that trip has anything to do with that? Like an international journey cleanse? Is Joshua Jackson Eat, Pray, Loving?

If he comes back healed, does that mean Pacey and Joey Potter can get back together?