Justin Timberlake also sold his wedding pictures to HELLO Magazine in the UK. He’s jumping on his wife’s head on the cover of that one too. Am also attaching a shot that wasn’t posted last week. You will note -- HELLO did not include a photo of Britney Spears in the corner, unlike PEOPLE. But why not?

It’s not like everyone in the magazine business wasn’t talking about it -- and wondering why. Please. Please don’t attribute it to accident or coincidence. Those kinds of oversights just don’t happen in the world of celebrity ass-kissing. They had to have had a reason...

And word around magazine circles is that PEOPLE was not happy with the quality of the pictures that JT sent over. Rumour has it the lighting was sh-t, they had little to work with, and, considering what they paid, they were disappointed with what they were sent ...which is typical Justin Timberlake, isn’t it?

You will take what you get. You will be happy with what I give you. Because I’m Justin Timberlake. You should just be grateful I picked you.

Well, perhaps not as grateful as he expected. Because PEOPLE (PEOPLE! of all people! can you imagine what an intolerable dick he must be if PEOPLE decided to f-ck him over in return?) made sure that he shared his special day with Pinky. If you don’t know what that means, I am happy to attach a photo that explains it.