Since the release of Rogue One, not a day goes by without an email, or a few, from someone asking for more gossip about Diego Luna. God.DAMN. yes he was hot in Rogue One. And, as Sarah mentioned last week, if you haven’t seen Y Tu Mama Tambien yet, get on that as soon as possible. Jacek and I watched it together when it first came out. And it’s one of the few films that we rewatch together whenever we can. It’s hilarious. And moving. And it has something for everyone.

Anyway, for those of you Gossip Genie-ing for more Diego gossip in 2017, your wish has come true. He and Suki Waterhouse are together. The photos aren’t available for wide release yet as TMZ evidently has the exclusive of them together in Mexico so click here to see them. Previously Suki dated Bradley Cooper. Previously Diego was married to Mexican actress Camila Sodi, with whom he has two children. They divorced in 2013 but remain on good terms as evidenced by the fact that they were all together at the Rogue One premiere in December:

Diego and Suki, however, are not new. They were first seen together back in 2015 after working together on a film called The Bad Batch. Here’s video of them making out in LA:

And again, three months later, in August 2015:

So they’ve either been together for almost 2 years and super undercover about it. Or they’ve been on-off for almost 2 years and super undercover about it. Maybe less undercover now?