Pene’s Versace in 2007 was the best. It’s the only. It was for the Oscars. It cannot be equalled. But still they keep trying. At every carpet since they have tried.

Two examples last night – Best Actress winner Toni Collette and also Drew Barrymore, one in bright pink, the other in pale pink, neither measuring up to the Pene standard.

Drew’s in particular looked so cheap, especially the bodice, and the feathers start at an awkward spot around her hips, and the bridesmaid material, and the cut of it all… it was a generous B, an honest C.

As you saw from the shots during the show, Drew arrived with Justin Long, and of course she took every opportunity to beam and cutesy smile all through Jessica Lange’s acceptance speech, which is becoming cloying since, as we know now, she’s much more than a giggly sugar puff, and she also skipped the HBO afterparty. Some people are calling her a sore loser. Not sure I buy that entirely…but you do have to reverse the question: would she have been at the afterparty if she had won? Probably, right?

Photos from Wenn.com and AXELLE/Bauergriffinonline.com