Alexander Skarsgard and Elizabeth Olsen are hooking up. Passing them on the way to the bar the other night I made note of the fact that they were talking and then forgot about it. An hour and a half later they were seated across the room and still talking. He didn’t have his face shoved into her neck or anything and there was nothing super suggestive but I do remember thinking it was a long time to be talking to someone when there were so many other people around to hang out and touch base with. After that I had to focus on Leonardo and Scarlett. Separately.

The next night, according to Page Six Olsen and Skarsgard  were together once again, and again for a long time. So, obviously, everyone thinks it’s a situation now. They do look really, really good side by side. And it’s certainly an improvement over his last girlfriend who couldn’t get much work on her own and thought that he could help with that.

As you know, Lizzie Olsen is busy. There’s no shortage of possibilities, especially not after the year she just had. For Skarsgard then, there’s no worry about Lizzie calling the paps, Lizzie leveraging whatever it is that develops between them in exchange for a more fruitful career. Well done on the upgrade.

Attached - Olsen and Skarsgard arriving at Vanity Fair on Sunday night.