Freeheld opens on October 2. That’s perfect timing for TIFF. And they’re saying it could make an award season run given the cast (Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Steve Carell, Michael Shannon, Josh Charles) and its subject matter. Which is the true story of a woman who, when dying of cancer, had to fight for the right to bequeath her pension benefits to her partner… also a woman. At the time, same sex marriage wasn’t yet recognised in New Jersey and five male county representatives denied her request. Laurel Hester eventually won her case before she died. But she also spent the last weeks of her life preoccupied by the appeal – and that should be the crime here. Seriously, what’s it to you who the woman leaves her pension to? What’s it to you if one adult wants to love another adult?

Anyway, Ellen recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the film and her role and what it meant to her that she was working on the project shortly after she came out last year.

“And to be shooting the movie so soon after coming out was some of the most joy I’ve ever felt on a film set, which is a tricky thing to say because we’re telling a story that’s incredibly tragic. But the feeling of being out and playing someone who’s gay, and someone whose courage has allowed me to live my life, that feels amazing. People like Laurel and Stacie are the reason I feel so happy in my life now.”

And maybe that continues. Maybe someone else sees Freeheld and feels the same connection, the same empowerment. Click here to read the full article at EW.

Attached – Ellen shooting Tallulah in New York this week.