It's been a while since we've written about Emile Hirsch, one of my all-time least favorite people of the celebrity persuasion (click here and here for why Lainey can't stand him). I don't have a specific reason like Lainey, just years of grinding personal dislike. But there's a story out of Sundance, where Hirsch is promoting Ten Thousand Saints, courtesy Page Six, that bears mentioning—he allegedly assaulted a studio executive over the weekend. On the wrong side of ass o'clock in Park City on Sunday, Hirsch got into an altercation with an exec from Paramount. No charges have been pressed, but the police are investigating.

Page Six quotes a Hirsch-friendly source as saying, "He's a really nice guy. I can't imagine he'd be involved in anything like this." Really? Hirsch is a loudmouth and a blowhard. Combine that with alcohol and the wildly permissive, entitled atmosphere a festival like Sundance breeds and I can absolutely imagine Hirsch getting into an altercation. What I can't imagine is that his reps were at all glad to get that phone call at f*ck off o'clock in the morning. Cleaning up after your client has gotten into a fight is one thing. Cleaning up after your client has gotten into a fight with a STUDIO EXECUTIVE is something else entirely.