After starting in Australia, then moving to Asia, and returning to LA for a few days for some interviews, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are now in London to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on a few European stops before the big NYC premiere on April 24. Here they are at the London photocall and arriving at Radio One this morning, Emma in a Diane Keaton-inspired outfit, although Diane would probably be in oxfords. Still, if I could, I would work this look every single day.

The first reviews for the movie are starting to come out. So far, and there are only 8 of them (at 4am ET post time), it’s rating at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. This will likely drop. While The Guardian gave it four enthusiastic stars out of five, other outlets are criticising that one of the main problems is that the film is much too long. Most agree however that the chemistry between Stone and Garfield is the best part and that Stone in particular is so winningly irresistible, it’s been subtly suggested that Peter might not, um, be able to do better.

Hey, don’t blame me. They’ve been hinting at this for weeks. Emma has been hinting at it for weeks. She said on Ellen that that’s the way it goes down in the comic books. So, either they do it the way they do according to the source material, or they depart entirely from the origin which …even the mere suggestion might bring on a world of nerd angst, resulting in nerd mutiny.