Evan Rachel Wood and Katherine Moennig have been exchanging admiring tweets at each other for some time. Now Page Six reports that they’re hooking up. They were both at the same event on Saturday in LA. and were supposedly “holding hands and looked very much like a couple”. They spent the entire time together at the same table.

Hot, right?

Like, on the bone structure and cheekbones alone, it’s hot. Did you know Kate is Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin?

Speaking of ERW – Practical Magic was on last night, a movie I can never, ever resist. (ERW plays Sandra Bullock’s daughter.) After last night’s viewing, I’ve decided to re-grade this film. It’s about how sisterhood and friendship can feel supernatural. It’s about that often mysterious closeness between women – we always know when we are needed, we hear the call before it even comes, and the different ways we communicate are indeed as complicated as spells and potions. Watch it again and tell me what you think.