Here’s Toni Collette at the premiere of The Way, Way Back in LA last night. Great jumpsuit. Not really feeling the fringe, but I rarely do. And maybe there’s too much orange happening? Mostly though, it’s a good opportunity to talk about Face or Body. We talk about Face or Body often here. The last time we talked about it was re: Faith Hill. And Courteney Cox has talked about it before too. That you make a choice when you age – you want a small ass, sometimes you have to sacrifice the padding in the face. It depends where you want you youth to be. Do you want your youth to sit high and tight in your jeans? Or would you prefer it on your cheeks? They can try to fake it with fillers but ultimately it’s not the same.

Toni is slim and fit now. And, therefore, the face seems rather gaunt – to me, at least.