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Smutty Social Media, Thursday July 23, 2015

Maria Posted by Maria at July 23, 2015 20:58:24 July 23, 2015 20:58:24
Imaginechina/ Splash News

We are in the Golden Age (or week?) of Twitter feuds. Now Ed Sheeran is apologizing for sticking up for Taylor. First he claimed “context” and then took a page from Taylor and said, “I missed the point.” Is “missing the point” the new “I’m sorry if you were offended”? @lonievora Full Story

Fan Bingbing’s cats and hearts

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 18, 2015 18:46:15 June 18, 2015 18:46:15
Imaginechina/ Splash News

Fan Bingbing at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Did you hear about the social media fight she got into with Wang Sicong this week? Wang Sicong is the 27 year old son of the richest man in China. He recently posted a photo of his dog wearing two Apple watches, one around each leg. Each watch is valued at $10,000. Full Story

Fan Bingbing: Best MET Cape

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 5, 2015 05:13:54 May 5, 2015 05:13:54
Larry Busacca/ Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Kate Hudson’s gold dress was worn like a dishrag. And then there’s a gold dress the way Fan Bingbing wears a gold dress. By covering it with a cape. I wish I could show you more photos of her but photographers at these events tend to ignore international stars. But you really don’t need a lot of angles to appreciate that Bingbing understands that the MET Gala is about theatre. Full Story