Check out Alicia Vikander in South Africa on the set of the new Tomb Raider. The movie comes out March 2018. As noted last year when the casting was confirmed, Alicia is following exactly the same path as Angelina Jolie when she took on the role. First an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. And then Lara Croft.

There were some who were skeptical that Alicia was right for it, especially since Daisy Ridley was initially rumoured to have been in contention. If you’ve seen her work, particularly in Ex Machina, you know the acting and the attitude was never a problem. The physicality may have been in question though? And these shots seem to be the answer to that. Alicia is in action. She looks good in action. Lara is running across and then hanging from a beam – in pants! Very practical! I love that you can see the exertion in her muscles, the shoulders, in her back, that she’s grimy and that they’re keeping her that way, as evidenced by the fact that she’s just free-pouring water over herself without worrying about body makeup touch-ups.

So…are you convinced now?