Johnny Depp is omitted from his own movie

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 3, 2016 16:19:58 October 3, 2016 16:19:58

You know a celebrity is in the doghouse when they don’t appear in their own trailer. The teaser trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: This Again Yarrr was released last night and it does not feature Johnny Depp nor does it mention his name by word or title card. Based on this, if you didn’t know the franchise, you would not know he’s in it. This is Disney trying to create a little space to get you hooked on something else before bringing Depp back in the first full-blown trailer and you’re reminded that the man whose alleged battered wife brought all the receipts is the star of this movie. (If it were me, I wouldn’t release a trailer with Depp until the Super Bowl, creating a demarcation between 2016 Depp and 2017 Depp.)

This teaser isn’t actually bad, except that the Pirates franchise has already run aground with three progressively worse sequels so no one trusts #5 to be any good. But, to give credit where it’s due, I like the tone Javier Bardem is striking as the ghost-pirate Captain Salazar, and I like the way that black stuff is oozing from his mouth and wounds as he talks. The Pirates movies have always been good at fantasy/horror, and these half-decayed pirate ghosts are right up my alley. And Orlando Bloom is back for this one, but the teaser focuses on a new fresh face, Brenton Thwaites, the heavy-browed Botticelli boy from Gods of Egypt. Sorry, Orly, but we need a new generation of tween girls to get on board.

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