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Johnny Depp sues Amber Heard 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 4, 2019 15:40:41 March 4, 2019 15:40:41
Pascal Le Segretain/ Victor Boyko/ Getty Images

Johnny Depp has filed a $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard objecting to the op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post in December about what she says she experienced when she came forward as a survivor of domestic violence. According to Johnny, it was all an “elaborate hoax” that was meant to “advance her career”. Full Story

Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 13, 2019 15:41:07 February 13, 2019 15:41:07

Johnny Depp has been in Europe lately shooting a movie. A couple of weeks ago, he was seen boarding a private plane in Nice heading to Belgrade, surrounded by his usual entourage and there was also a young, attractive woman who was part of the group. In Belgrade, Johnny and the woman, still unidentified, were photographed kissing. Full Story

Time has no meaning, so just reboot Pirates

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 24, 2018 14:13:51 October 24, 2018 14:13:51

We are currently living in a nightmare vortex where every day feels like a week, a week feels like a year, and it seems like our dystopian present has always been and will always be. Time has lost all meaning, so the news that Disney is considering rebooting Pirates of the Caribbean just one year after releasing a new Pirates movie is, yeah. Full Story

Fantastic Beasts with 100% more Johnny Depp

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 23, 2018 13:09:26 July 23, 2018 13:09:26
Albert L Ortega/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was a big part of Warner Brothers’ two-hour presentation at Comic-Con on Saturday. The whole cast turned out, except notably absent Johnny Depp, and there was an electrically palpable sigh of relief as everyone reveled in Ezra Miller cosplaying as Toadette and got to continue ignoring Depp’s stain on the franchise. Full Story

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Johnny Depp settles, Hollywood unchanged

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 17, 2018 15:29:43 July 17, 2018 15:29:43

It was announced yesterday that Johnny Depp and The Management Group reached a settlement over the weekend after a mediation. In case you missed it, Johnny was suing TMG for $25 million alleging that they f-cked around with his finances. TMG countersued him, accusing him of besmirching their reputation when he was the one who was irresponsible with his own money and incontrollable about his spending. Full Story

Johnny Depp’s nighttime “truths”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 21, 2018 17:48:17 June 21, 2018 17:48:17
Jim Dyson/ Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

The cover of this month’s Rolling Stone features Cardi B and Offset. Underneath their headline is a Rolling Stone exclusive, “The Troubled World of Johnny Depp”. The article was published online today. It is over 10,000 words. There was a time when a 10,000 word exclusive interview with Johnny Depp would have been worth at least a cover. Full Story

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Is Johnny Depp OK? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 4, 2018 18:15:15 June 4, 2018 18:15:15

This is the question that people have been asking. Or, rather, the subtext to all of these headlines you’re seeing online about Johnny Depp and his appearance in fan photos circulating on social media after The Hollywood Vampires performed in Russia. Johnny is thinner, even gaunt – I just googled the word “gaunt” and articles about him popped up top on the search list. Full Story