We now live in a world where Justin Timberlake can call himself an Oscar nominee. Small mercies, it’s not for acting. Here’s JT at the Nominees Luncheon yesterday being his flagrant self.

Earlier I posted about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling possibly not performing the Oscar nominated songs from La La Land. There is NO chance however that JT will not perform the Troll song at the Oscars. No chance. That’s half the reason he was nominated – so that he would show up to sing the Worst Song of 2016. He won’t just be singing it either, they’ll give him prime position to attract viewers for ratings. So don’t be surprised if Can’t Stop The Feeling not only lasts for 10 minutes but opens the show. The show producers have to be considering that. For the Academy, it would be the “high energy! big impact!” way they open the broadcast.

If he gets a better seat in the audience than Viola Davis, we’re going to have some problems.