Brange managed to do it while everyone else was on Clooney wedding watch. And now Clooney has released a statement on the Brange wedding, telling PEOPLE

"How great is that? I'm really happy for Brad and Angie and their whole family."

Brange did it at their chateau in France. Clooney could be doing it at his mansion in Como. Or another in Venice. But will he be able to do it in a way that surprises the entire world, and makes him look like not a famewhore? There are already reports that the Clooney wedding has been offered to VOGUE. Because Anna Wintour is going. Click here for a refresher. Now that’s just a rumour. But still. It looks different doesn’t it?

If Clooney puts his wedding in the same magazine as Kanye West, in the same country, and Brange pulls it off totally undercover?

Well…Brange could sell theirs too.

They sold their baby photos to PEOPLE for charity. PEOPLE’s a good option. But then again, PEOPLE didn’t get the exclusive confirmation this morning. The Associated Press did. And the Jolie went to the New York Times with her double mastectomy bombshell. So…

You get the sense they’ve been trying to distance themselves from those kinds of publications, to elevate their brand over the magazines that feature B and C listers. That said, they’re also campaigning for Oscar, courting votes. Everyone loves wedding pictures.

Can we talk again about how hot Brad Pitt looked today in Dorset? Look at all that hair. He’s 50 years old. There are 30 year old men who wish they still had that much hair. And it looks pretty natural too. So, if he had something done, it was early and subtle. That has to be part of his appeal, non? He’s the heartthrob who isn’t fighting the recession.