George Clooney stepped out last night in London for the OMEGA anniversary event. He looks good, non? Really, really sharp. Not tired at all. Not yet. It’s the end of April now. And the Clooney twins are due in June. So we’re getting close. Close to going from eternal bachelor to instance father of two. I mean, of course, of course Amal and George will have all the help in the world. But still. It’s still two babies and he’s turning 56 in a couple weeks. Sure, you can assume that George Clooney will remain unaffected by parenthood, distanced from it, the way certain men can be and so the fatigue would not be a factor for him at all. But I think of Amal and what she has represented. Would she accept that kind of partnership? I want to know so bad.

George has been an OMEGA ambassador since 2007. He’s also well associated with another brand, Nespresso. This week a new Nespresso ad was released, featuring George in a series of classic movies. And Andy Garcia, as a throwback to Oceans. The spot is directed by one of George’s best friends, and producing partner, Grant Heslov. If I’m Lukas Haas, I’m looking at Grant and George and side-eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio. Lukas gets a minor role now and again in Leo’s projects. Basically scraps. Grant? Grant Heslov gets major international brand money. Nespresso money!