George Clooney broadcast his Venice wedding to Amal Clooney in Vanity Fair, PEOPLE, Hello!, and VOGUE. So, like, not exactly private. Now he’s telling us via Ellen DeGeneres about how he proposed to Amal. It was 25 minutes long. At one point he uses the word “horrible”. And at the end, because it took her so long to process that he was actually asking her to marry him, he had to tell her that he’s 52 years old with a bad back and could she please answer?

Normally when someone goes on a talk show, like, oh, say, Channing Tatum, and gives you all kinds of romantic details about his wife, by the end of the story, all the women in the audience are freaking out and crying and throwing themselves on the ground from all the longing. That did not happen when George Clooney described his proposal. And there are some people who will read into that like, um, yeah, he couldn’t make it real because it’s definitely not real. And there are others who will say, if I were his wife I would have his ass when he came home after that because he certainly didn’t represent us very well. And still there will be others who will wonder if George Clooney is actually embarrassed that he’s doing proposal chats on afternoon talk shows.

Attached - George and Amal at the LA premiere of Hail, Caesar! on Monday night.