George Clooney summers in Italy. Not just Lake Como where he has a villa and spends a lot of his time, but he’s known to hop around, his fondness for the country demonstrated by the fact that he chose to get married there. And here they are, the Clooneys, Amal and George, on Sunday in Portofino having dinner. A romantic dinner. As always, Amal is DRESSED.

There are people who wear whatever for dinner. And there are people who DRESS for dinner. Have you ever been on a cruise? I’ve not been for, like, 15 years. But I used to go on cruises with my parents. Jacek and I went on a cruise on our honeymoon, which is the last time I was on a cruise. Royal Caribbean! Anyway, when you’re on a cruise, at least back when I was going on cruises, it’s shorts and tanks all the time on the boat – at breakfast, at lunch, at snack time. But as soon as the dinner hour arrives, everyone gets dressed. Like how it was on The Love Boat.

In real life, I don’t dress for dinner. If it’s a friend’s birthday and we’re all meeting for dinner, it’s still jeans or maybe, if I’m fancy, black pants. Amal Clooney? I feel like Amal Clooney’s approach to all dinners is to DRESS. And I think I love that about her.