George Clooney was photographed in NYC this weekend getting to work on Jodie Foster’s Money Monster. The Clooneys, George and Amal, have moved to NYC for the next couple of months to accommodate the shoot schedule. Page Six reports that they were having drinks last week at the Carlyle with another couple. New York society and the Clooneys. How many socialites will be falling all over themselves trying to get them to accept an invitation to their dinner parties? So that they can see for themselves just how thin she is in person. Is she thin enough for New York? Well, she’s thin enough for Anna Wintour. I feel like that should answer it.

Speaking of Anna though, and Amal being the ultimate “get” on the NY social scene, her next major event is the MET Gala on May 4th. The theme this year is “Chinese Whispers”.


I can’t f-cking wait.

So, you know, if the Clooneys are still around, please, PLEASE let them be there.