Gina Rodriguez debuted her Golden Globes look on Instagram before she hit the red carpet. Before any of the red carpet shows had started, Gina was already making Best Dressed Lists. She was the first of many plunging necklines but for me, she wins. Her Naeem Khan gown has an effortless flapper vibe. I like the sparkly fringe and the peekaboo sheer underneath. No necklace. Solid decision. She looks fit, fresh and confident. It’s not super original and it’s maybe bordering on something Julianne Hough would wear to judge Dancing with the Stars but the hair and minimal makeup pulls the whole look together in a non-cheesy-dancer way. That, and I may have Gina Rodriquez blinders on.

Last month, I caught up on Jane The Virgin. I watched 72 episodes in 3 days – approximately. I was addicted. I started dreaming in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish. I loved it so much. Gina Rodriguez is exceptional. She’s so good she’s already at the point in the show’s run where she’s being taken for granted. We don’t hear as much about Gina’s brilliance as Jane the – spoiler alert— former virgin. We know she’ll be nominated, show up and look pretty but I don’t think anyone was expecting her to win. Last night, she got so little screen time that I almost forgot she was there. She has been nominated 3 times. She won in 2015. Before the show, she tweeted this:

I will never stop being moved by “I can and I will.” What a speech. We might be taking her for granted but clearly, Gina isn’t jaded by the whole award thing yet. She was also one of the celebs that looked like she was having a great time all night. Gina posted selfies with John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen.

She hung out with Pharrell.

And she spent the night at the CW table with fellow nominee Rachel Bloom. I don’t understand why they didn’t have these two present together. It’s not like they’re both funny and charming or anything.