Matthew McConaughey has fallen into making two kinds of movies: 1) Serious award-baity fare, and 2) whatever the hell he was doing in Wolf of Wall Street. The first trailer for his new movie, Gold, was released yesterday and it definitely looks like it’s from the second category. McConaughey is sporting a bald patch and paunch, and he seems to be playing a slick hustler type, which he excels at, and he is clearly enjoying himself. Bryce Dallas Howard is along for the ride as his—wife? Girlfriend?—and she’s sporting some big ol’ Texas hair. And the suddenly ubiquitous Edgar Ramirez plays his business partner who undoubtedly gets cheated out of his share by McConaughey.

Gold is about a broke-ass dude who discovers gold in South America, and the movie claims to be based on a true story—I’m really starting to want pop-up-video style factoids letting me know which parts of movies are real and which are invented. This looks like a movie about corruption and greed, and it’s giving me some American Hustle vibes. I think it’s McConaughey’s hairpiece and the gut and the Christmas Day release date. American Hustle opened in time for the holiday, too, and it managed to make over $150 million. Undoubtedly the producers of Gold are hoping for a Hustle-sized hit.