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Charlie, Matthew, and Hugh steals the show

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 14, 2020 17:44:18 January 14, 2020 17:44:18

There is no shortage of miserable f-cks in Hollywood, especially during award season. And, generally, it’s not all that fun watching someone hate their job. Unless that person can make hating their job – and, really, hating everything – super entertaining. Hugh Grant has this special gift. Full Story

The Gentlemen seems past its sell-by date

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 3, 2019 15:44:35 October 3, 2019 15:44:35
YouTube/ STX Entertainment

Guy Ritchie is following the billion-dollar success of Aladdin by going back to his roots and making an English gangster movie, The Gentlemen. The trailer boasts “From the director of Sherlock Holmes and Snatch”, no mention of Aladdin despite it being Ritchie’s most successful film. Full Story

Just Keep Livin’ 101

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 29, 2019 14:13:44 August 29, 2019 14:13:44
Rick Kern/ Getty Images

Today in Holy Sh-t, Sign Me Up news, the University of Texas at Austin announced that Matthew McConaughey has been appointed as a professor and will teach a class this fall in the Department of Radio-Television-Film. He is teaching a “script to screen” film class based on curriculum he developed himself. Full Story

Serenity is absolutely INSANE

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 29, 2019 20:47:05 January 29, 2019 20:47:05

Oh boy, is this one of the craziest movies I’ve seen in recent memory. I mean, we’re talking Book of Henry levels of insane. There will be spoilers, because to fully appreciate how bugf-ck bonkers Serenity is, you have to know the twist. It is almost indescribable, but I am going to try because Serenity is not just a movie, it is an EXPERIENCE. Full Story

Is McConaughey even acting?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 24, 2019 19:25:25 January 24, 2019 19:25:25
Jackson Lee/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Theo Wargo/ Patricia Schlein/ Star Max/ ECP/ Getty Images

Harmony Korine, who is the filmmaking equivalent to Florida, is finally following up his last feature, 2012’s Spring Breakers, with The Beach Bum, which actually looks like a real movie? At least, it looks about as straight forward as anything Korine has made. This is the guy, after all, who made Trash Humpers. Full Story

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Annie imitates McConaughey

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 15, 2019 16:23:09 January 15, 2019 16:23:09

Anne Hathaway is currently promoting Serenity, in theatres January 25, co-starring Matthew McConaughey. The film was originally supposed to be out last September. Then it got pushed to October. And now it lives in January, not usually a good time for movie releases. The industry is trying to change that and there have been some successes. Full Story

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Timothee Chalamet, fanboy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 12, 2018 16:57:17 September 12, 2018 16:57:17
Splash News, George Pimentel/ Michael Loccisano/ Phillip Faraone/ Getty Images

It’s the one year anniversary of my relationship with Timothee Chalamet. This is a one-sided relationship. At least I can admit that, unlike Kathleen with Michael B Jordan. And Noah Centineo. And Chris Pine. Kathleen is a fantasy philanderer. Anyway, TIFF 2017 is when I saw Call Me By Your Name and interviewed Timothee twice and couldn’t look away from his face. Full Story

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The McConaissance is back

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 6, 2018 17:30:40 June 6, 2018 17:30:40

The timeline is thus: Matthew McConaughey broke out in A Time to Kill. Then he became a rom-com king, starred in the legendarily awful Tiptoes, turned into a self-parody, and then it was the McConaissance, in which he achieved his final form as the surprisingly versatile actor with the distinctive voice A Time to Kill signaled he could be. Full Story

I Do in Rio

Maria Posted by Maria at October 25, 2017 13:32:49 October 25, 2017 13:32:49

If you read Instagram comments (as I often do – for research, OK?!) you know that “come to Brazil” will inevitable appear on a celebrity post. It’s both a command and an invitation that’s become a meme. John Mayer recently joked about it; Katy Perry commented “lol Full Story

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