Thanks to all of you who came on Wednesday to French Connection for our first event in Vancouver! You know what I’m most proud of? Normally at these events people don’t eat the food and only average 2 glasses of wine. Please. This was not that kind of crowd. I love you.

And I love the girl who brought two pages of notes (!!!) for blind riddle reveals!

So much appreciation for our sponsors:
-Vino Allegro for supplying Mistaken Identity and Dunham & Froese wines
-Opus Hotel for the food
-Pop Chips for the snacks
-Yves Rocher for the makeup bar
-L’Oreal Professional for the hair styling
-U by Kotex for the lady products
Thank you to French Connection for hosting us. FCUK is also where Angelina Jolie is apparently shopping a lot lately.

Most importantly though, and it was the purpose of the event - thanks to all of you who have been visiting the site. I know you have other gossip options. I am so grateful that LaineyGossip is one of them.

See you at the Smut Soiree.

PS. How much do I love that you all totally brought your BitchFace to my party???