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Prince Andrew writes a messy letter

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 26, 2019 13:54:36 August 26, 2019 13:54:36
Max Mumby/ Indigo/ Getty Images

Most people seem to agree that Buckingham Palace courtiers had no hand in the statement that Prince Andrew released on Saturday August 24, 2019, almost exactly two weeks, to the day and hour, after Jeffrey Epstein “died by suicide”. Not only because the writing is a mess (which is so very unroyal, non?) but because… well… this tweet says it all: This is like the letter your client wants to hand up to the judge at his sentence hearing and you have to use all your powers of reasoning to explain to him why that is not a good idea. Full Story

Prince Andrew’s Foot Massage

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 23, 2019 13:37:48 August 23, 2019 13:37:48
Max Mumby/ Indigo/ Getty Images

I have to update my list from yesterday about how, in SNL Stefon’s voice, this Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein story has everything: -a pedophile  -a madam -girls who say they were sex slaves -billionaires -politicians -government corruption -a beachside lair -country estates -New York mansion -private jets -mystery death … a Prince of England! AND NOW… Foot massages! Yesterday writer Evgeny Morozov published a piece in The New Republic Full Story

Prince Andrew peeping at the door

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 19, 2019 15:01:10 August 19, 2019 15:01:10
Max Mumby/ Indigo/ Getty Images

Last Saturday morning, August 10, 2019, the number one news story around the world was the death of Jeffrey Epstein, supposedly by suicide. The next day, Prince Andrew joined his mother, Queen Elizabeth, at church in Scotland, both of them with big smiles on their faces. Perhaps they were hoping that this mess would blow over and that people would focus instead on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their holiday to Ibiza on a private jet. Full Story

Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 13, 2019 15:41:07 February 13, 2019 15:41:07

Johnny Depp has been in Europe lately shooting a movie. A couple of weeks ago, he was seen boarding a private plane in Nice heading to Belgrade, surrounded by his usual entourage and there was also a young, attractive woman who was part of the group. In Belgrade, Johnny and the woman, still unidentified, were photographed kissing. Full Story

No Dick Energy

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 27, 2018 16:53:05 June 27, 2018 16:53:05

Lainey opened the site today by talking about the Big Dick Energy that is taking over social media and prompting all of us to wonder who in our friend group has BDE. (I’m going to posit that among the LG crew, Duana has the most BDE. Full Story

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Dear Gossips,

As we’ve seen, nostalgia is having a pop culture moment. You know what else is having a pop culture moment?  Grossness.  Oh so NOW you’re all over my sh-t? If you’ve been reading this site since the beginning, you are familiar with my obsession with gross sh-t: pimples, poo, and all manner of nastiness.  Read Full Intro

Usher’s crush on Tessa Thompson

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 8, 2018 16:36:52 March 8, 2018 16:36:52
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Usher is getting a divorce. He and his estranged wife, Grace Miguel, confirmed this week that they are ending their marriage. Now Page Six is reporting that Usher’s been over it for a while. And that he’s ready to move on… with Tessa Thompson?  Usher and his second wife, Grace Miguel, confirmed this week that they’re ending their marriage of two years. Full Story