US Weekly reports in the new issue that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been flirting a lot while working on The Voice and that there might be something between them. The magazine doesn’t come right out and say it, and they also counter with a source who insists that they’re just friends, but the suggestion is there. That the two are super into each other. Other lower level tabloids have been trying to make this happen for weeks too.

PEOPLE however claims definitively that all of it is bullsh-t. That there’s nothing between Gwen and Blake and that Blake isn’t ready for a relationship right now as it’s too soon after his divorce, especially since that breakup, um, may not exactly have been gestating for a while. It was a sudden, irrevocable end.

Fine. All this says to me is not yet. But as long as the attraction is there, I’ll be patient for the Gossip Genie. Because this one is a good wish, non?