Cover of the new issue of US Weekly and even though it doesn’t say this on the cover, inside the magazine reports that, according to a source, “getting married is a priority” for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. Supposedly Blake’s planning a proposal and while the details of the proposal itself will be surprise, Gwen knows it’s coming because they already talk openly about “when we get married” and have been trying to decide where to live and whether or not to have more children together.

While US is claiming that as an exclusive, PEOPLE has a similar story about the two on their site today reporting that those close to both Gwen and Blake are “expecting (a proposal) to happen at some point”. She’s been posting a lot of pictures of him on tour with her lately. Here’s the most recent:


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If there’s an imminent proposal, please please please don’t let it be on stage. It’s too much, non?

Gwen and Blake first got the feels for each other exactly a year ago. He’d just divorced Miranda Lambert. They were getting to know each other as singles on The Voice. It took a few months for them to publicly confirm, which they did in Miranda’s face at the CMAs. And ever since, after some speculation that they could have been faking it all, the skepticism has faded away, leaving, simply, a Gwen who’s never seemed more valued, is that the right word? What I’m projecting here is that what’s different in Gwen between what we saw with Gavin and what we see now in Blake is that she’s with a guy who really, really digs her, and is totally OK with people knowing that he really, really digs her. And he also might be totally OK with everyone else digging her more than they did him. This is not how I would describe Gavin Rossdale.